Ithaca’s Olive Branch Film Series brings cinema by, from and about Palestine to the Ithaca, New York, community to promote exploration and discussion of the complexities of Palestinian life, at home and in exile. Both feature films and documentaries are shown. Most are products of the New Wave of independent Palestinian cinema that some say began with Wedding in Galilee in 1987.

Unless otherwise noted, each film is shown just once, at the Cinemapolis theater, 120 E. Green Street in downtown Ithaca. Ticket prices for Cinemapolis screenings follow the theater’s price structure, with discounted prices for members, seniors, and students.

Ithaca’s Olive Branch Film Series began in Spring 2015 and continued through Fall 2015 with five films, ranging from classic to new release. Early in 2016 OBFS screened Love, Theft, and Other Entanglements, followed by an extemporaneous chat with screenwriter and co-director Rami Alayan. The Nakba will be commemorated in 2016 with a screening of the newly released Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States.

In addition to the Cinemapolis screenings, the Olive Branch Films group can arrange for ‘living room screenings’ of some of these films and other films in our library.

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